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“We want to get everyone involved. This is not just about Black people, it’s not just about people of colour. We are using this to bring everyone together,”
Paize Usiosefe

“We recommend our students join us because they are going to play a vital role in what we are doing, The society is shifting. This is a new generation and people see things differently.”
Paize Usiosefe

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Hamilton Black Film Festival to showcase BIPOC talent on screen in 2021 launch



Hamilton’s first BIPOC film festival is launching this year


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First Hamilton Black Film Festival holds space for Black art


The Hamilton Network

Catch our interview on Cable 14 Hamilton on The Hamilton Network via using your cable provider access about the upcoming Hamilton Black Film Festival May 28 -30 at The Westdale Cinema.

In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth,

Hamilton Black Film Festival was pleased to accept the invitation to co-present two amazing films with the Art Gallery of Hamilton
#filmserie as mentioned in the CHCH TV


For Immediate Release
Hamilton Black Film Festival
Presents the first Film Festival for the BIPOC Community
May 28th-May 30, 2021 at the Westdale Theatre.

Film submissions opened until February 27th with the waiver code hbffont2021.

Hamilton Ontario, Canada – February 5th, 2021 – The Hamilton Black Film Festival will be an annual film festival that showcases cultural, traditional and modern films of African/Caribbean,
Indigenous, East and South Asian and Middle Eastern filmmakers and other films from the diaspora. The Hamilton Black Film festival will harness the opportunity to showcase global talent that is inclusive, diverse and dynamic.

“The HBFF is an accessible platform to showcase films that are made by, for and about People of Colour around the world, focusing on both the challenges and triumphs of everyday life.” said Founder, Paize Usiosefe.

The festival will feature films by, for and about the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) community. Filmmakers have until February 27th to submit on FilmFreeway. Of important
note, is our principles of inclusion. This means that we want contributors to think broadly about BIPOC contributions from both in front and behind the lens.

Please see our website for submission criteria and our FilmFreeway upload link at The official opening of the film festival will be on May 28th at Hamilton’s Westdale Theatre. Due to COVID, screenings will be virtual with captioning (talkbalks) for those with hearing challenges made available for greater accessibility.

For more information contact us at:
(905) 966-7750
Twitter: @hamblackfilm | Instagram: @hamiltonblackfilm | | Hashtag #HBFF #HamOnt #HBFF2021

We Create Film Platforms for the World

(905) 966-7750