Media Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to our Media and Corporate Sponsors, Partners, Ambassadors, and HBFF Committee for your support to make the 2021 HBFF a success.
Media Sponsors:
The Hamilton Spectator
Cable14: Community TV News
CHCH TV news Online News
New Canadian Media: Online News
TheCaribbeanCamere: Online News
GBKM TV: Online News
The Online News
CBC Hamilton News
Urbanicity  News: Online News
The Silhouette
Black History Society
Global News-Radio 900 CHML
Hamilton Community News
Corporate sponsors:
ACTRA Toronto
Telefilm Canada
People in Connection
Queenston Pharmacy
True Hamiltonian
Merk Snack Bar
Fred Eisenberger: Mayor of Hamilton
Nrinder Nann: Ward 3 Councillor, Hamilton
Judi Partridge: Ward 15, Flambourough 
The Westdale: Event Partner
The Francophone Centre
AGH: Art Gallery of Hamilton
Factory Media Centre
Special Thanks:
Neal Miller
Fred Fuchs
Julie Jardel
Sebastien Aka Kouakou
Nathan Fleet
Derrek Peels 
Mandisa Pantin
Ryan Ferguson: AGH Virtual Festival Consultant
Michael Robinson: Virtual Platform Consultant
Marie Mushing: Web Designer, IT
Brian Berneker
Thanh Campbell
Raven Saniforth
Michael Weir
Fritze Tan
Jamila B Jada Charles
Nosa Obaseki
Hamilton Art Council
Creative Cafe
Chima Movie Empire
Jesus Christ Our Saviour
HBFF Committees:
Paize Usiosefe, Founder/Chair (Board)
Christal Usiosefe (Board Member) Virtual Platform Programmer/Tech Support/Financial Advisor
Abdelhamid Mosbah (Board Member) Artist, Graphic Designer
Rosemary Casmier (Board Member) Face of HBFF
Shawn Smith (Secretary)
Melissa Murray-Mutch 
Crystal Mark
Louise Noel-Ambrose (Publicist)

Wall of Fame

Nrinder Nann, Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Nrinder Nann
Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Nrinder Nann, Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Judi Partridge
Councillor Ward 15 Flamborough

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