Media Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to our Media and Corporate & Community Sponsors, Partners, Ambassadors, and HBFF Committee for your supports to make the 2023 HBFF a success.

Media Sponsors:
* OMNI Television: Sergio Mourato   
* CHCH TV news
* The Bay Observer Hamilton
* Cable14 News
Cooperate & Community Sponsors:
 * City of Hamilton
* Queenston Pharmacy
* Centre Francophone Hamilton
* ACTRA Toronto
2024 HBFF Theme Songs:  Afila & ARA SAN PA WON KIZA
Provided by AG Music Media
Andrés Galindo Arteaga: Film/ TV Composer
Event Partners:
* Julie Jardel, Executive Director of Centre francophone Hamilton  
* Centre francophone Hamilton staff and volunteers : Émilie, Popina, Aichoucha, Johanne-Louise
* Annette Paiement, Curator of Cotton Factory, Managing Director of CoWork
* The Zoetic Company Ltd.
* Playhouse Cinema
Special Thanks:
* Jesus Christ Our Savior
* Teddy Chan – Photographer

* All the volunteers in the communities
HBFF Staff:
* Paize Usiosefe – Founder/Chair 
* Christal Usiosefe – Event Manager/Programmer
* Abdelhamid Mosbah – Graphic Designer
* Rosemary Casmier – Communication
* Luther Usiosefe – Crew Assistant

Wall of Fame

Nrinder Nann, Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Nrinder Nann
Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Nrinder Nann, Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Judi Partridge
Councillor Ward 15 Flamborough

Nrinder Nann, Councillor Ward 3 Hamilton

Sandy Shaw
MPP, Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas

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